As of October 25, 2023 the process for the Predetermination of Independent Contractor Status has changed.  Now, an individual who wants to create a rebuttable presumption of independent contractor status may file a statement - Independent Contractor Statement (Form WCB-267) – with the Board.  The Board will no longer review or approve the old Predetermination Applications (WCB-266). 


The Independent Contractor Statement will be effective when it is received by the Board.  Information regarding who has filed a statement will be available on the WCB’s webpage starting November 3, 2023. You do not need to file an Independent Contractor Statement until your current predetermination is due to expire.


File a Independent Contractor Statement (Form WCB-267) ONLINE


A printable version of this form is also available by clicking here.


Frequently Asked Questions about Independent Contractor Status


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